Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shit Brix Pictures

K so these pictures where it says "when you see it, you'll shit brix". Its never anything scary or weird and I never come close to shitting brix, not even farting god damn lego brix. I just stare at for 20 god damn minutes untill i give up and find someone else who saw it and said what it was. Then its something gay and not cool like theres a shape of someones face in the grass and im just like wtf this is gay i wasted 20 god damn minutes. And every time i see one of these fucking things for some god damn reason I cant not look for the thing thats supposed to make me shit brix even though i know its fucking gay and I wont give a shit. They all suck, none of them are good. There was like 20 good ones when the concept first started but now there all fucking gay and yet somehow theres a website full of them. wtf.

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