Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not Smoking Weed

Okay, if you dont want to smoke weed for some reason, thats cool, you loss but suit yourself. But really, what else is there to do. Theres so much time that we spend doing nothing, being bored, and looking for something to do. All you have to do is smoke weed and voi-la... your not bored anymore. Im not mad at people who dont smoke it but like how do you NOT? what else is there to do? when you dont have money theres nothing to do, if you find people to hang out with your not curing your boredom, your just being bored with more people.

What does piss me off is people who act like theyre better than other people for not smoking weed. Like really, just cause you dont smoke weed doesn't make you mature and responsible it just makes you a bored toolbag. I know way to many god damn people that act like theyre mature and smart for not smoking weed and NONE, not ANY of them are in university. Im not raggin on college or anything, but im in university and i know plenty of other people in university who smoke weed and we all do fine and have futures. Were not failures or some shit, were gunna be more successful and we work harder than half the people who dont smoke. And seriously if your in university or working a hard job, you fucking need weed to cope with the stress. Its either that or take up smoking or murder and cigarettes are expensive, smell and are unhealthy (not that im raggin on cigarettes) and murder, well, yea not that good.

And I hate the people in government and in control who act like its gunna fucking kill people and make them drop out of school. You cant die from it, and I dont even think its proven to cause cancer, and if it is who gives a shit everything causes cancer. It doesnt kill brain cells and anyone with more than 5 of them can find that out by just fucking googling it and spending 20 minutes looking into it. And it doesnt make people drop out and become failures, it's the other way around--People who drop out and do nothing with their lives do drugs cause, what the fuck else are they gunna do and if they dont smoke weed then theyre gunna do E or coke or some shit or be alcoholics. So if it weren't for weed then we would have alot more fucking alcoholics and coke heads and im pretty sure everyone can agree that a stoned guy munchin out in his basement is alot better for society than some fucked up coke head or drunk.

And thirdly, or what ever number im on, weed isnt a gateway drug, if there wasnt weed than teens would be doing other drugs and they would STILL be drinking and drinking is much worse than weed. Drunk kids are fucking annoying and start fights and break the law and piss everyone off. High kids just make themselves look dumb in public and are just looking for some god damn food. And with the whole 'gateway drug' theory we can say that alcohol is a gateway drug to weed since most kids drink alcohol before smoking weed.

And even if weed is THAT bad then who the fuck gives a shit you cant do anything about it. Its human nature to do drugs and shit and making them illegal isnt going to get rid of them its just gunna put more people in jail. I dont get how people dont fucking realize that. If the world would be better without drugs it doesnt matter cause you cant get rid of them. They are always gunna be around and making laws to get rid of them wont work so dont fucking bother. The laws are fine where they are, drugs are illegal enough to the point where people will still to doing them away from the public and all theyre a little harder to get so only the people who actually want to do them will go out and get them.

and im getting lazy and burnt out so im just gunna stop here and go eat...

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