Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Re-watching Movies

Why the fuck do people re-watch movies. I have no idea why anyone would want to buy a movie, the only time id ever want to watch a movie I already watched is like a year later when I forget what happened. The best part of a movie is the story, but if you already know whats gunna happen then whats the fucking point of watching the movie. Even when its got funny parts, you know when theyre coming up so its not funny.


  1. HEY I re-wach movies all the time!! .. Parts of it the most times I just begin where i fell asleep the last time

  2. yeah good point I rewatch them only if i've forgotten most of the story

  3. i only rewatch the most awesome epic movies...
    like inglourious bastards or pulp fiction

  4. Forget that, what about people who constantly quote movies like they made it up, I want to punch people who do that so bad...

  5. I remember the good movies. Because they're awesome, and the story is good. When I don't remember how it ended, it's most possibly not a good movie.
    I rewatched the best several times.

    If they would make the best of the best all the time, I would not have the time to rewatch....