Thursday, November 11, 2010

Freedom Fries

K im not hating on Americans but sometimes your government can be fucking stupid. LIKE FUCK renaming a FUCKING FOOOD cause you dont like the country that included their name in the name of the food. Thats like calling Chinese food California food because you want it to be more fucking American. and I dont know what pisses me off more, the arogance or the ignorance. You know who invented democracy, the democracy that you claim that you invented and is your 'freedom', well you know who invented democracy, THE FUCKING FRENCH!!!! God damnit republicans can fucking piss me off sometimes!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I hate how these are built everywhere and when looking for houses for rent its all there is. Housing companies seem to think that they can build houses attached to each other for half the cost and still charge the same but its fucking annoying cause who the fuck wants to have neighbours on the other side of the wall. If we wanted that wed live in a goddamn apartment. And not only do they cut your options for houses in half they also look like shit when they build them and they are a waste of space.

Re-watching Movies

Why the fuck do people re-watch movies. I have no idea why anyone would want to buy a movie, the only time id ever want to watch a movie I already watched is like a year later when I forget what happened. The best part of a movie is the story, but if you already know whats gunna happen then whats the fucking point of watching the movie. Even when its got funny parts, you know when theyre coming up so its not funny.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Idea

k, this isnt something that pisses me off but this is a blog so what the hell..

K my idea for a talk show:

Get a host like Seth Rogan or some other stoner comedian and have guests who are celebrities with movies coming out or w.e. just the usually talk show guests BUT everyone is baked!

The host, baked; Guests, baked; Audience, baked.

Bassically a talk show where everyone is baked, and ill make sure its some damn good weed too, and we'll get regular celebrities and theyll be baked too!!

Dont konw how legal this is but it could probably be done here in Canada, but probably not in the States.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Grocery Bags

For some reason where i live in the past few years every store decided to start charging for grocery bags. Alot of them just claim its cause of environmental shit but its always just to make money, but its so god damn annoying, we buy like 20 to 200 dollars worth of groceries from their store then they have the fucking balls to charge a dime for every bag you need. And its even worse when they give you the bags to bag the shit yourself, like fuck im paying shitloads for your over-priced food, just give me some fucking bags that you spend a penny on for hundreds of so that I can fucking bag my food. If I had a penny for everytime somebody asked me if id like a bag then id still be spending a fucking nickel on each bag.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Car batteries

My fucking battary died on me earlier, and when that happens what the fuck are you supposed to do, it fucking blows. But like what if you were in the middle of no where or even just a bit far from the city and you dont have a cell. Youd be so fucked. How come cars dont have an extra battery reserve or like idk TURN THE FUCK OFF BEFORE THEY DIE. Just turn off so theres enough battery to start up again. It fuckign blows getting stranded like that man

"Cream Nug"

I fucking hate when people say they have weed and go "yea bro its creaam nug". not only does the expression 'cream nug' sound dumb, everyone fucking says it no matter how shit the weed is. A buddy of mine says that about every kind of weed he ever has even if its shit. And i hate when people actually think its good weed when its shit or even mediocre. its hard to get good weed unless your in B.C. or some shit so when you do get it you have to appreciate it and realize it and it doesnt take a genius to realize if weed is shit or not.