Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Cream Nug"

I fucking hate when people say they have weed and go "yea bro its creaam nug". not only does the expression 'cream nug' sound dumb, everyone fucking says it no matter how shit the weed is. A buddy of mine says that about every kind of weed he ever has even if its shit. And i hate when people actually think its good weed when its shit or even mediocre. its hard to get good weed unless your in B.C. or some shit so when you do get it you have to appreciate it and realize it and it doesnt take a genius to realize if weed is shit or not.


  1. yeah. Sounds like people just want to be cool. I mean, thats the whole reason they smoke, right?

  2. thanks for the news bro ! was waiting for an update :)